Trauma and EMDR



Traumatic experiences can happen to anyone. Your brain can also experience any disturbing life event as a trauma if it is overwhelmed in any way. Our clinicians are highly skilled in working with trauma and supporting you through your healing process. It does not have to effect you for the rest of your life. You can heal and live a wholehearted life.

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EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, (trust me, it sounds way more difficult than it actually is). It is one of the techniques our therapists specialize in. Let me take a few minutes and explain it to you so it doesn’t feel confusing.

EMDR was developed in 1987 as a psychotherapeutic way to deal with a traumatic event. It is a technique that utilizes our body’s ability to heal itself and allows you to move past lasting effects of trauma or life’s disturbing events. It can also help change your core beliefs and improve your performance abilities (at school, in sports, at work and in large settings).

“It was the most effective thing I have ever done. I was able to feel better about things that I have been carrying with me my whole life. I didn’t think they were problems, but then they were gone and i realized how much they had been effecting me. For me, it was absolutely life changing.” Past client about EMDR 

THE BRAIN has an ability to heal and process everyday events. If the brain is overwhelmed or traumatized, it isn’t able to process the event fully and the memory becomes fragmented, not allowing the event to heal. When that occurs, the memory becomes a trauma or psychological trauma inside the brain. Often this lead to people that have experienced a traumatic event struggling with disturbing thoughts, uncomfortable body sensations and overwhelming emotions when they think about the event or something else in their life reminds them of it.

EMDR allows the brain to reprocess the event in a way that lets it heal completely. It supports the brain and allows you to no longer relive and re-experience that moment in your life. Your thoughts, feelings and behaviors change, allowing you to be your whole self.

“I tried so many different kinds of therapy. This worked for me. This let me heal. I feel more like me than I have in years. It no longer runs my life.”  – Current client

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