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EMDR Training for Mental Health Professionals

Becoming certified in EMDR provides opportunities for you to expand your practice, grow in your clinical skills, and see amazing change in the lives of your clients.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and was developed in 1987 as a psychotherapeutic way to deal with a traumatic event. It is a technique that uses our body’s ability to heal itself and allows clients to move past the lasting effects of trauma or other disturbing events. EMDR can also help your clients change their core beliefs and improve their performance abilities (at school, in sports, at work and in large settings).

EMDR allows the brain to reprocess events in a way that lets the trauma heal completely. EMDR supports the brain and allows your clients to no longer relive and re-experience traumatic moments. It is an amazing tool to change thoughts, feelings and behaviors. 

EMDR is endorsed by the APA (American Psychological Association) in their Practice Guidelines and standard EMDR training includes a unique blend of lecture, practice, and consultation.

EMDR Trainings
Cassidy DuHadway, LCSW and Trevor Hardcastle, LMFT

You can start using EMDR immediately after completing an EMDR training. You don’t need fancy equipment and you don’t need to purchase additional tools. However, you do need coaching and consultation as a follow up to training, so that you can truly integrate what you’ve learned into your practice.

My name is Cassidy DuHadway and I am an LCSW fully certified in EMDR. I am a member and Approved Consultant through EMDRIA, the leading organization for EMDR training and consultation. I also offer follow up EMDR consultation for students of local trainings run by EMDR Consulting who need their 10 hours of consultation to complete the class and work toward becoming EMDR Certified.

If you need EMDR Consultation, click here.

Once you’ve completed an EMDR training, that does not mean you are EMDR Certified. Training alone offers many opportunities to grow professionally and support your clients, but is only the first step to becoming EMDR Certified.

To become EMDRIA Certified, you must meet the following criteria and then apply through the EMDRIA website:


  • Fully licensed mental health professional

  • Independent practice

  • At least 2 years experience in your field

  • Completed an EMDRIA approved training program in EMDR therapy

  • Conducted at least 50 clinical sessions using EMDR therapy

  • Received at least 20 hours of consultation in EMDR by an Approved Consultant

  • Complete at least 12 hours of continuing education in EMDR every two years

  • The process may seem overwhelming but I have found using EMDR with my clients is a game changer. I am able to see them grow and live a life that is full of joy, when they initially came to me full of pain. 

I love supporting other clinicians in their journey to become EMDR Certified and would be happy to support you in the process. 

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