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The most important thing to us is to make sure you are working with the therapist that is the BEST fit for you. We want to help you live a full and genuine life. All of our therapists are fully licensed and handpicked to help you today.
We are currently offering in-person and virtual services.
Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

Ashlee Thurston, LMFT (She/Her)

Anxiety, Trauma, Depression, Young Adults, Life Transitions, Low Self-esteem, Stress, Grief and Loss, Relationship Issues, LGBTQIA+, DBT, EMDR
Meet Ashlee

Ashlee is only accepting new couples clients at this time.

HI! I believe problems do not exist within one person. Rather, problems are results of a person’s context, family/relational systems, external systems, or learned patterns and behaviors that once had a functional purpose but no longer do. I work with adolescents, adults, and families dealing with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, life transitions, low self-esteem, trauma, stress, grief and loss, and relationship issues. 

I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist (LMFT) and in my office I focus on creating a safe space for you to express your emotions and gain skills that will help you make lasting and meaningful changes in your life. I aim to support you through providing resources, collaborating with you and establishing healing and growth.

In my free time, you can always catch my laying in the sun with a good book, traveling or enjoying time with my family, friends and Golden Retriever, Gator. Utah is such a great place to be outdoors that I try and take full advantage of and bide my time until I can enjoy that summer sun. 

Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

Thomas Skousen, LCSW (he/him)

Anxiety, Autism, Depression, Attachment Disorders, & Trauma, Strength-Based therapist who uses ACT, CBT and EMDR

Meet Thomas

Hi! I am passionate about helping you overcome and heal from the burdens of shame and trauma. If you or your loved ones are struggling with overwhelming anxiety, navigating the challenges of autism, battling depression, or feeling stuck due to psychological inflexibility and past traumas, I am here to help. Together, we will work towards healing and growth, enabling you to reclaim your life and thrive.

While my previous experience has included work with people of all ages and backgrounds, I have extensive experience working with children and families who have been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, RAD, and PTSD. I value creating a safe and supportive environment for you and to explore your thoughts and feelings. My therapeutic methods include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

My goal is for my clients to develop a flexible view of themselves, enabling them to move past negative beliefs and fully experience life. I received my education from the University of Utah and am certified in EMDR.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, creating art, listening to music, and diving into a good book.Connect with me today to start your journey toward healing and growth.

Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

Ashley Andrews, LCMHC

Anxiety, Depression, BPD, Mental Illness, Trauma, EMDR, DBT, Veterans, LGBTQIA+
Meet Ashley

I am here to assist in building the life you want and guide you in the healing process. I believe you know yourself better than I do and I am here to work with you in finding the life YOU want. I will support you through your healing process and point out some interesting things along the way.

I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) and I focus on creating a safe space for self exploration, healing, and learning by focusing on building trust and developing a safe relationship that allows for healing to happen.

I use DBT, EMDR and CBT during her sessions. I am also a big believer in the healing power of the arts and also use music, psychodrama, movement therapy. I typically work with substance abuse, teens, women’s issues, BPD, LGBTQIA+, and Veterans.

I love the arts and am a HUGE theater geek, so in my free time you will probably catch me at a dance or music concert, play or musical. I also like to read and ice skate. I have two cats and am a huge animal rights advocate.

I look forward to working with you, and getting to know you!

Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

Nancy Paige, AMFT (She/Her)

My Specialties:
Self-esteem Issues, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Premarital, Marital Conflict, Separation, Divorce

Meet Nancy

Nancy habla español.

I hold a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy from Lipscomb University and pursuing a full license and a Bachelor’s degree holder in Marriage and Family Studies from Brigham Young University- Idaho.

I cherish working with individuals, couples, and families. I work with people with self-esteem, trauma, depression, anxiety, premarital, marital conflict, separation, divorce, etc. I believe that self-compassion is essential for success. I am a big advocate of self-care and unconditional love for oneself. I strive to create a safe space where you can feel heard and understood. I use an integrative approach that is tailored to the client’s needs.

I enjoy volleyball, dancing, singing, and comedy. As an advocate of self-care, I believe that in order to help others, it’s essential to take care of yourself.

Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

Alex Eich, MFT Intern

My Specialties: Couples therapy, Family therapy, LGBTQIA+ issues, Depression, Anxiety, Self-esteem

Meet Alex

Hi! Are you feeling stuck, struggling with communication, or facing challenges in your life or in your relationship? Whether you’re a couple navigating complex dynamics or an individual seeking clarity and direction, I’m here to support you on your journey to getting “un-stuck” and finding a path toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.

I specialize in working with young and emerging adults, LGBTQIA+ couples and individuals and non-monogamous couples. Whether you are navigating relationship challenges, dealing with parent-child interactions, or coping with grief and loss, I provide a compassionate and supportive space for you to explore and heal.

As an MFT Intern currently attending Utah Valley University, I utilize a range of therapeutic modalities including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Gottman Method, Bowen Family Systems, Narrative Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These approaches allow me to tailor our sessions to your unique needs and help you achieve meaningful progress.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, walking my Great Dane, trying new food trucks, and reading outside.Let’s start this journey together. 

Reach out today to begin your path to empowerment and healing.


Lucy Hayes, MA, CSW (she/her)

Life Transitions, Mindfulness, Nervous System Regulation, Trauma-Informed, LGBTQIA+ Affirming, EMDR
Meet Lucy

I trust in the innate wisdom and resilience of each client and their capacity to engage in a process of self-discovery, growth, and healing. My goal is to create a space of safety and connection and to be a compassionate and responsive companion as clients navigate life’s challenges, heal past wounds, befriend all parts of themselves, and explore their inner world.

Through my collaborative and holistic approach to therapy, I support clients on the path to gaining confidence in their mental and emotional sturdiness and flexibility and finding deeper levels of wholeness, connection, meaning, joy, and well-being. I firmly believe that as we engage in this process of healing our hearts and minds, we also heal our families, communities, and world.

My therapeutic style is grounded in mindfulness and somatic practices. I am trained in Polyvagal Theory (Rhythm of Regulation) and draw from my background in anthropology to bring an evolutionary, adaptive lens to therapy.

I am completing my final year in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Utah. Previously to my work as a CSWi, I worked for many years in academic clinical research management where I loved working with people one-on-one and in groups. I trained in cultural anthropology and have a master’s degree in cultural food studies from New York University. My path to clinical social work has been informed and guided by my personal engagement in a therapeutic practice, and I am deeply grateful that I can now mindfully attend to others’ healing processes.

I enjoy hiking and being outside in rainy, snowy, and dreary weather. When the sun is out, you can find me happily inside cooking, reading, and spending time with my family. I also love exploring the world and gathering bits of wisdom and home wherever I go. 

Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

Ruth Zollinger, AMFT

My Specialties
Grief, Life Transitions, Couples, Families, EMDR, ADHD and Anxiety 

Meet Ruth

Hello! I am Ruth (her/she). I believe in finding all people’s personal strengths and resilience, then using that to find solutions for the issues that keep people from becoming their personal best. I believe everyone fundamentally has the ability to be kind, and show empathy. We just have to be willing to listen to each other! We each have unique things that make us the same and make us different. Sometimes we get stuck in our differences, but I believe our differences help us thrive when we celebrate them instead of rejecting or concealing them.

I am a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy student in training through Northcentral University. I hold a bachelor’s in Psychology. Other achievements include facilitator of the Millcreek Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Group, Licensed Massage Therapist, Board Certified Clinical Chaplain, Make Utah Beautiful Award, and holding PRs for various Ultra-running events. Born and raised in Mackay Idaho to parents who operated a large cattle ranch. I love animals, bicycling, hiking, and spending time enjoying nature’s beauty.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, opened, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, & gratitude.” ~ Denis Waitley ~

Salt Lake City | Murray Therapists

McKenzie Bradford, LCSW(She/Her)

Children & Young Adults, Family Therapy, Trauma, CBT, Play Therapy
Meet McKenzie

Hi! I’m McKenzie (She/Her). I love working with kids AND adults, especially those that are struggling with something in their life they are stressed about or can’t move past. I specialize in trauma, anxiety and neurodivergence for all people 3 years old and up.

When it comes to children and families, I am passionate about supporting children that have experienced life stressors and trauma. I am skilled in helping children, teens, and adults that are experiencing change, struggling with stress, having behavior problems, or anxiety.  I also have some extra skills in working with kids that are neurodivergent, such as children diagnosed with Autism or ADHD. 

I graduated from the University of Utah for both of my degrees and have worked in a child specific mental health program and in multiple substance abuse programs. I have also provided mental health therapy and services for all ages. My therapeutic toolbox includes evidence-based modalities like Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Play Therapy, and EMDR.

During sessions, you can expect a collaborative environment. I strive to make my office feel like a safe place for everyone and anyone, where all thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can be talked about.We’ll talk about goals that you have for yourself, and what you feel like may be preventing you from achieving those goals. My goal is for all clients to address what prevents them from thriving in their daily lives, and develop skills to move forward. 

Beyond my professional life, I love to crochet, spend time with my dogs, read, and watch anything sci-fi related. 


Hannah Thornton, CSW(She/Her)

Anxiety, Substance Use, Depression, Interpersonal Relationships, Mental Illness, EMDR
Meet Hannah

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges and searching for a path to healing and growth? I am here to guide you through the complexities of trauma and anxiety, providing a compassionate and understanding presence. As your empathic navigator, I meet you where you are and help you uncover your inner strength to overcome life’s pains.

My therapeutic approach is designed with your unique needs in mind. By combining Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mind Body Bridging, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), I create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your thoughts and feelings. These tools are especially effective in addressing trauma and anxiety, helping you to understand and manage your emotions, build resilience, and foster lasting change. Additionally, my training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) allows me to provide specialized support for those dealing with deep-seated trauma.

I am dedicated to helping you navigate your pain and begin your journey to healing. With me, your journey to healing begins.


Josie Rogers, AMFT (she/her)

Couples, Sex and Intimacy, Depression, Anxiety, Faith Transitions/Trauma, LBGTQIA+, Families, EMDR
Meet Josie

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” -Carl Rogers 

As your therapist, I want to learn how all the different systems and parts of your identity contribute to your overall wellbeing. I take a trauma-informed perspective and recognize that your experiences make you who you are today. Together, I hope we can identify which parts of your story you want to keep, let go of, or rewrite. 

My approach to therapy is highly collaborative. I strive to create a safe, empowering space where all emotions are welcome and no questions or thoughts are off-limits. As we work together, I hope to foster an atmosphere of curiosity, playfulness, and creativity as we work together to shift from surviving to thriving. My goal is for my clients to build the life they want to live and communicate effectively and authentically. 

I have experience working with children, teens, and adults from 18-60. I love helping clients process trauma and build a compassionate mind toward all parts of themselves. I am TF-CBT trained and working toward Gottman Level 1 and EFT trainings. 

When I’m not at work or school, I enjoy music, hiking, retro video games, and napping with my cats, Binx and Yoshi Cookie.

Heber City Therapists

Marvin Beecher, CSW (he/him)

Autism, Anxiety/Depression, Bipolar, Trauma, Suicidal Ideation, EMDR

Meet Marvin

Marvin isn’t just a therapist; he’s your dedicated partner in overcoming life’s most challenging pains. He understands the depth of your struggles, and he’s here to guide you through them. If you’re motivated to be in therapy, open to honesty about your life’s challenges, and unafraid to dig deep and heal your wounds, Marvin is here to support you.

Marvin specializes in addressing the most challenging mental health issues. Whether you’re dealing with Autism, Anxiety/Depression, Bipolar disorder, Trauma, or Suicidal Ideation, he’s committed to guiding you through these difficult journeys.

His approach combines Cognitive and Humanistic modalities, creating a safe space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences without judgment. Marvin’s expertise shines when working with young adults on the spectrum, those battling anxiety, or individuals facing the challenges of transitioning to adulthood.

Marvin is passionate about helping those who want to heal from their past but may not know where to start. He believes that acknowledging past traumas is the first step toward finding balance and purpose in life. 

Beyond therapy, he finds solace in nature, whether it’s climbing, biking, snowboarding, or simply wandering the trails with his dog.

Medication Management

Megan Manning MSN, PMHNP-BC

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Obsessions, Mood Instability, Psychosis, LGBTQIA+ friendly and trauma-informed
Meet Megan

I am a Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). I received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Weber State University in 2013, and a Master of Science in Nursing at the University of Colorado in 2017. I am a certified designated examiner by the state of Utah and have received continued certifications in substance and MAT training from the state of Utah.

I have a total of 12 years of nursing experience and 6 years of experience in medication management for mental health treatment. I have worked in crisis stabilization, inpatient, and outpatient settings as a nurse practitioner and as a registered nurse. I enjoy working with children, adolescents, and adults who experience issues with anxiety, depression, trauma, obsessions, mood instability, psychosis and more. I am LGBTQIA+ friendly and trauma informed.

I enjoy spending many of my free moments keeping up on emerging evidence and learning about new treatments. I do believe that medications are most effective when used with therapy and other behavioral changes.

My favorite free time is when I am with my 2 kids, spouse and 2 dogs, often camping, kayaking or golfing.