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We are offering in-person and virtual services for residents of Utah.

Discover healing and growth at our new Purple Sky Counseling location in Farmington. Our dedicated therapists provide expert support in a comfortable, serene environment. Whether you’re seeking individual therapy, couples counseling, or family support, our Farmington location is here for you. Start your transformative journey with us today.

Farmington | Bountiful Therapists

Storie Stinger, LCSW (She/Her)

My Specialties: Therapists, Women’s issues, Young Adults Maternal and Post-Partum Mental Health, Neurodivergence (ADHD and Autism), Parenting, Trauma, EMDR

Meet Storie

Storie is full but accepting clients to her waitlist. 

Hi! It’s time to take charge of your mental health, to learn what to do with the things that are out of control and to create the future you want. I am here to help you take your power back and overcome the obstacles in your life. I am passionate about looking at and understanding your whole world and working with you within that. I am the right therapist for you if you feel lost, or know you have some past wounds or traumas you are ready to work through.

I am ready to help you dig into your underlying thoughts and beliefs and move into a place of strength and enoughness. I am an LCSW. I got my education from Weber State University and BYU for my MSW. I have lots of experience working with Neurodiverstiy (ADHD and Autism Spectrum), EMDR and Neurofeedback. I am also skilled in working with Maternal Mental Health and parenting.

My goal for Mental Health – To make it holistic and more encompassing for ALL. I am here to change the game and I’m ready for it!

Farmington | Bountiful Therapists

Courtney Slater, LCSW (she/her)

My Specialties: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, LGBTQIA+, ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Self Injury, Risky/Harmful Behavioral Responses

Meet Courtney

Hi! Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by your emotions, wondering “why did I do that?” after an impulsive action or harmful behavior? If managing your emotions and building a fulfilling life feels like a constant struggle, I’m here to help. I specialize in working with individuals who are ready to tackle these challenging patterns in a non-judgmental, structured, and even fun environment.

I do my best work with adults and teens who experience significant emotional and behavioral dysregulation. Together, we will explore the functions of your behaviors and replace harmful actions with effective skills, helping you manage emotions more effectively.

My unique and flexible work history has equipped me with diverse skills to support a variety of clients. From providing therapy in typical office settings to offering support in homeless camps and de-escalating high-stress situations, I bring a versatile approach to therapy. I am dedicated to helping you decrease distress and build a life worth living.

I specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and have been providing comprehensive DBT for several years. I am currently working towards becoming Formally DBT Certified with the DBT-LBC and have been formally trained in both DBT and EMDR.

When I’m not working with clients, you can find me playing and watching hockey, paddleboarding, attending concerts, and spending time with my three dogs. I also strive to accumulate positive experiences and live a life that allows me to implement DBT skills personally.

Connect with me today to start your journey toward managing emotions and building a fulfilling life.

Farmington | Bountiful Therapists

Kelsey Howton, CSW (she/her)

My Specialties: Neurodiversity (ADHD and autism spectrum), Children, Teenagers/Young Adults, Faith & Life Transitions, Addictions, LGBTQIA+

Meet Kelsey

 Hello! Are you seeking help to manage your trauma, depression, or anxiety? Or are you struggling to navigate big life changes such as divorce, marriage, having a child, faith crisis, LGBTQIA+ exploration, or addiction?  I’m here to support you in learning emotional intelligence and mental wellness skills, to help you through your big transitions, and to help you rediscover your purpose, values, and motivation to create the life you love.

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from Boise State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies. I specialize in trauma, depression, and anxiety, using my extensive experience in educational and family service settings to provide compassionate and effective support for children, teens, and families. I work closely with parents and adults, helping them navigate the challenges of adulting and parenting while managing their anxiety. My diverse background enables me to effectively support individuals and families as a whole.

The tools that I pull from to customize care for each client are Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Internal Family Systems (IFS), strength-based therapy, and mindfulness. 

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my husband and children. I am a music enthusiast and enjoy various genres. I play the piano and flute, and I am learning how to play classical guitar. I can be found often with my nose in a good book (Harry Potter is my favorite). I am a card and board game champion, which is one of my family’s favorite pastimes.

Reach out if you are seeking resources to navigate life at a more elevated level, and I would be honored to start this journey with you.


Krista Duarte, LCSW (she/her)

My Specialties: Trauma, EMDR, Dissociation, Ego State or Parts work, and Women’s Issues

Meet Krista

Krista is not accepting new clients at time.

I engage with clients from a strength based lens and I seek to identify and utilize strategies to meet client’s needs outside of traditional talk therapy. I use a wide variety of clinical modalities such as EMDR Therapy, Ego State Therapy, Somatic Practices, Relational Therapy and Expressive Arts Therapy. 

I graduated from the University of Utah with a master’s of social work, with an emphasis in forensics social work. My work history and experience with women, young adults, and teens, in addition to trauma, sexual assault, and domestic violence, have prepared me to best support clients from a trauma and relational informed lens to provide safety, connection and trust with clients. 

When I am not working I am likely spending time with my spouse and son, visiting Disneyland, attending Jazz games, or reading a good book that I can get lost in. 

Reach out if you are seeking to heal, tap into your inner world to get to know yourself on a deeper level, and open to learning new strategies and engage in concepts that may be outside of traditional talk therapy. 

Farmington | Bountiful Therapists

Alison Coburn, LCSW (she/her)

My Specialties: Trauma, Attachment disorders, Depression, Anxiety, Low Self-esteem

Meet Alison

Alison is joining our team in August – reach out today to join her waitlist. 

Hi! Are you struggling with trauma, attachment issues, low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression? I’m here to meet you where you are, teach you the skills you need, and provide resources to help you feel empowered. Along the way, I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, celebrating every small achievement on your path to healing.

I am passionate about working with individuals who feel stuck and are ready to make positive changes. Whether you’re dealing with past traumas, navigating difficult emotions, or trying to improve your self-esteem, I offer a compassionate and supportive space for you to explore and heal. My extensive experience with both adults and youth has given me the tools to help you uncover the root of your struggles and guide you toward lasting change.

I received my Master of Social Work from the University of Utah and utilize a range of therapeutic techniques including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Attachment-focused work, PCIT (Parent-Child Interaction Therapy), and Neurofeedback. These methods are particularly effective for clients who have experienced trauma and are seeking to rebuild their lives.

When I’m not working, I love to paddleboard, work out (both at the gym and running), spend time with my family and friends, read, crochet, or just relax in my hammock.

Let’s start this journey together. Reach out today to begin your path to empowerment and healing.

It’s time to heal