Purple Sky Counseling

Recommended Tools for Kids with ASD

1. Visual Schedule: to provide structure and help kids understand upcoming activities.

2. Sensory Toys: to help kids process and respond to sensory input.

3. Social Stories: to help kids understand social situations and expectations.

4. Flashcards: to help kids learn and practice language and other skills.

5. Stickers: to help kids stay motivated and reinforce positive behaviors.

6. Communication Boards: to help kids express their needs and wants.

7. Therapy Putty: to help kids develop fine motor skills and calm their minds.

8. Weighted Blankets/Vests: to help kids self-regulate.

9. Noise Cancelling Headphones: to help kids stay focused and block out distractions.

10. Chewable Jewelry: to help kids self-regulate and stay focused.