Purple Sky Counseling

100 Lists of Mental Health Coping Skills

1. Take a walk

2. Talk to a friend

3. Make art

4. Read a book

5. Listen to music

6. Write in a journal

7. Exercise

8. Practice yoga or meditation

9. Spend time in nature

10. Take a hot bath

11. Get enough sleep

12. Eat a healthy diet

13. Watch a funny movie or show

14. Create a distraction

15. Listen to a podcast

16. Do a puzzle

17. Spend time with a pet

18. Volunteer

19. Cuddle with a stuffed animal

20. Play a game

21. Take deep breaths

22. Do something creative

23. Sing

24. Make a list of positive affirmations

25. Color in a coloring book

26. Play a musical instrument

27. Go for a bike ride

28. Drink some tea

29. Go for a swim

30. Take a nap

31. Reach out for help

32. Avoid drugs and alcohol

33. Practise progressive muscle relaxation

34. Play a sport

35. Do some gardening

36. Take a break from social media

37. Practice gratitude

38. Listen to calming sounds

39. Go for a drive

40. Connect with a spiritual practice

41. Practice positive self-talk

42. Make a mood board

43. Read a self-help book

44. Do a DIY project

45. Do some stretching

46. Listen to a guided meditation

47. Make a vision board

48. Practice mindfulness

49. Go to a support group

50. Try aromatherapy

51. Spend time with friends

52. Practice deep breathing exercises

53. Journal about your feelings

54. Take a break from your daily routine

55. Practice self-compassion

56. Have a laugh

57. Make a list of things you’re thankful for

58. Spend time in the sun

59. Make a list of things you enjoy doing

60. Do a digital detox

61. Do something adventurous

62. Get a massage

63. Go to a park

64. Make a scrapbook

65. Take a class

66. Spend time with family

67. Go to a museum

68. Take a break from technology

69. Make a gratitude jar

70. Visit a new place

71. Visit a sanctuary or nature reserve

72. Make a list of your accomplishments

73. Talk to a therapist

74. Do some yoga poses

75. Play board games

76. Make a list of things you want to do in the future

77. Talk to a stranger

78. Connect with your community

79. Make a list of things that make you happy

80. Join a support group

81. Take a cooking class

82. Do a jigsaw puzzle

83. Take a virtual tour

84. Listen to an audio book

85. Take time to reflect on the day

86. Go for a hike

87. Establish a bedtime routine

88. Join a club

89. Learn a new skill

90. Go camping

91. Watch a sunrise or sunset

92. Do some star-gazing

93. Make a dream catcher

94. Get a manicure or pedicure

95. Attend a concert or show

96. Attend a spiritual retreat

97. Do some photography

98. Make a list of goals

99. Do some shopping

100. Play with some clay