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Is your child or teenager struggling at school or with their peers? Have you seen their behaviors change? Are they starting to withdraw or react with anger? Do you feel lost and don’t know how to help them anymore?

You are at the right place. We are passionate about helping your child and your family figure out what is going on, develop a plan and support your family and child. Sometimes the little people in our lives need more help than we can give them as parents. And that’s ok. Here, at Purple Sky Counseling, our therapists are highly trained in working with children, teens and families.



Is your teenager struggling with anxiety or depression? Are you seeing their grades drop? Are they withdrawing from things they used to enjoy or not wanting to spend time with their friends? Have you seen their behaviors and emotions change? Teens today are often experiencing a great deal of stress, anxiety and pressure. They are also experiencing more bullying, social issues and family pressures. This can be overwhelming, often leading to anxiety, depression and/or trauma.

It is hard to be a parent when this is happening. Often, you don’t know how to help, you and your teen are fighting all the time, or they have quit talking to you. We can help you and your teen figure out what is going on. Our specialists focus on helping your teen deal with their struggles, manage their emotions and feel better about themselves. They also support and help the parents allowing the family to function and continue having healthy relationships.

Our therapists excel in working with teens. They understand how to talk with them and how to meet them at their level. Often, they are one of a few adults the teen trusts and is willing to talk with. Our therapists are able to help your and your teen communicate and establish healthier boundaries. We are here to make sure your teen and family work with the right therapist.

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Is your child experiencing overwhelming emotions or struggling with life’s obstacles? Are they experiencing sadness, depression, grief, anxiety, trauma or other issues? As a parent you will often see your child’s behaviors change, their emotions be out of control, or their sleeping habits be interrupted. It is hard to understand how to help your child, but therapists here at Purple Sky Counseling know how to help you and your child.

Our therapists are trained in working with children utilizing play therapy. Why play therapy? It is how kids engage and process their daily experiences. We are able to teach emotional regulation skills, improve behaviors and increase your family’s ability to function. We specialize in helping your child overcome their struggles so they can life a happy life and your family can function at its best.

If your child has experienced trauma they will work with one of our therapists specializing in trauma, EMDR and play therapy.  We want your child to be successful and have the opportunity to heal so they can continue to live their lives.

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